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Parmar jewellers

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Late Bhikamchandji Parmar started this business in Sangam wadi in the year 1965. His sons helped him to grow the business and started a new showroom in 1988 in Rasta peth. Since 21 years Parmar Jewellers has been run by Mr.Sohanraj Bhiakmchandji Parmar. With a very calm personality and smiling face, he has been handling the customers, which has developed a strong relationship with the customers as well as the professional friends. Parmar jewellers is said to be a very well known and reliable jeweller in the eastern part of Pune. Because of the thousands of satisfied customers, Parmar jewellers is very well known. The client base of Parmar Jewellers includes many known business men, film industry actors and infinite customers. The jewellery made here has got a very skillful touch of labours . The jewellery made here is not only famous in the eastern part of Pune but also is very well known in whole Pune city. The jewellery made with mordern look also has a grand look which is very seriously looked after while making of it, because of which the minds of people wearing it and the once watching are attracted towards the design.

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